Weekly Clubs
Weekly Clubs
Evergreen Club
AHSC provides an environment for a group of Chinese seniors to further develop their physical and cognitive ability in their group meetings. We meet every Tuesday from 9:30am to 11am, and start the group with 30 minutes of exercise followed by weekly topics. The group is led by two bilingual staff who help members learn about health knowledge, most updated social benefit information, senior’s travel guide and related topics. About 38 to 42 members attend the group weekly, and we hold cultural celebration for different holidays around the year. In Evergreen Club, seniors learn and support each other, and we aim to help seniors find a joyful and healthy life. Group conducted in Cantonese Chinese.

Portland Senior Club, Mandarin-Speaking Club, Thursday @ 9:30am
If you ever take bus number 9 on a Thursday morning in Southeast Portland, you might find yourself surrounded by a lot of Asians and they all have the same destination, the Asian Health & Service Center – a yellow building behind a green building on 34th and Powell. Established in November 2009, Portland Senior Club has members came from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Burma, etc. People from diverse backgrounds come here to meet friends, to learn, and to exercise together.

Research shows that the tips for preventing dementia are: exercising, eating healthy, staying socially active, and learning new things. You can do all of the above things here at the Asian Health & Service Center! Please come join us.

Vietnamese Senior Group
Vietnamese Senior Group (VSG) is the largest social activities group for Vietnamese-speaking individuals at Asian Health &s Service Center (AHSC) ranging from 40 to 70 participants on a weekly basis. The group is conducted at our main office in Portland every Thursday from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM. VSG gained its popularity amongst seniors within the area through word-of-mouth from members who have joined, participated and loved the dynamics of the group as well as programs that are offered (e.g., an ethnic outreach meal at the end of each meeting). Many have expressed how their lives have been enriched through the participation of this group because it has helped them become good friends with others around their age, and they are now more independent with the help of AHSC staff through case managements. They claim that they are now “walking resources” due to the fact that they retain certain information and knowledge that can be passed onto others, knowledge that they have learned from various educational presentation and simply by being a part of the group.

Korean Portland Healthy Friends Clubs
We have 2 Korean senior groups in Portland area, Portland and Downtown Healthy Friends Club. Portland Healthy Friends Club meets at our Portland main office every Tuesday morning from 10:30am to 12:30pm. Downtown Healthy Friends Club meets at Downtown Senior Housing Building (12th Ave. & Jefferson) every Thursday from 10:00am to 11:30am. These are groups set up for mainly senior participants, but everyone is welcome to join. We also offer volunteer opportunities in these groups for people who want to gain experience in working with seniors or working in the health field. We provide a variety of health related topics and resources to promote living a healthier and better quality of life. We start with exercises in the morning, follow by health topic program and then have lunch together. Some program topics include: primary health, women health, mental health, cancer prevention, cooking classes, and celebrations. If you have any questions please contact Mary Lee (Portland group) at 503-641-4113 or Jeannie Kim (downtown group) at 503-872-8822 x 259.

Fu-Yo (Blissful Friends) Club
This is a social group that is held every Wednesday from 10am to noon in Beaverton and is free for everyone to participate. The primary focus of this club is to exercise, socialize, enjoy amazing conversations, and gain new knowledge about the mind and body with other Mandarin Chinese speaking Oregonians. We enjoy gaining knowledge about health, nutrition, art, various cultures and trying new cuisines. From Mediterranean to Indian cuisine, from buffets to potlucks, we are never far from foods. We occasionally go hiking, fruit picking, visit museums and take day trips. Anyone who wants to make new friends and get more out of life should definitely drop by this group. The group activities are conducted in Mandarin Chinese.

Beaverton Vietnamese Club
The Beaverton Vietnamese Club (BVC) was formed in June 2011 as a part of our continuous efforts to geographically expand our services so that more individuals can benefit from them. BVC meet on a weekly basis from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM every Tuesday at our Beaverton office inside the Beaverton Resource Center building. Our initial meeting showed great potential as the numbers of participants were better than prediction, foreshado